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Creating a foundation you can rely on.

Cast In Place Piles

Cast in place piles are a method that involves drilling a circular hole into the ground, installing steel reinforcement and filling the hole with concrete to form a pile. We`re proud to offer Bayshore drilling rigs for our Cast in place piling projects.

Bored Piling Advantages

  • Length can be readily varied to suit varying ground conditions
  • Soil removed in boring can be inspected and if necessary sampled Or in-situe tests made
  • Can be installed in very large diameters and very long lengths
  • Material of pile is not dependant on handling or driving conditions
  • Low noise and vibration installation
  • Able to carry very high load / shear / moment capacity

Bored Piling Disadvantages

  • Significant spoils are generated that need to be handled, adding costs
  • Susceptible to “waisting” or “necking”
  • Belled piles cannot be formed in cohesionless materials
  • Reliance and coordination on multiple trades (rebar supplier, piling crew, and concrete supplier)

Helical Piles

Ideal for almost any application, helical piles can be quickly installed with little impact on immediate surroundings. Helical piles can be cut, capped, and used without delay, and without a nearby source of concrete. If the time comes, helical piles can be easily removed for re-use or recycling, assisting customers with addressing environmental concerns, and drastically reducing remediation costs. Helical piles are also sometimes referred to as Screw Anchors, Helical Anchors, Screw Piles, Helical Pilings or Helical Piers.

Helical Piling Advantages

  • Economical alternative compared to traditional deep foundation techniques
  • Quickest method of piling installation when properly designed and installed
  • Load can be applied immediately after installation
  • Minimal environmental impact
  • Minimal noise and vibration
  • Removable and reusable
  • Versatile foundation system: pile groupings and/or battered install offers limitless possiblities
  • Year round installation
  • Soil strength feedback and confirmation during installation
  • No drill spoils and no requirement for concrete
  • Extensions can be applied to increase length and capacity

Helical Piling Disadvantages

  • Difficult penetrating very hard bearing layers
  • Installation through strata that may damage helixes can cause issues (i.e. rocky soil layers)
  • Manufacturing lead time is required for projects


Helical piles are installed by pinning the top of the pile to a hydraulically powered drive head and rotating the pile into the ground until the helical plate(s) are installed to a desired depth and a satisfactory installation torque is achieved

About Us

Con-Pile Drilling Ltd is a foundation drilling company based out of Manitoba.

Client Testimonials

“Regarding my experience with Con pile during your time at the Meridian Exhibition Center doing the 531 plus piles was very good. Professional, happy, helpful, patient crew that is great to work along with. Communicated well at beginning of the day what their goal was and what they needed to have a productive day. Where always willing to come out and put in an honest days effort even when weather
“We at Triple E Developments have had the pleasure of working with Conpile Drilling on many projects big and small. We consider ConPile valued partners and continue to grow our relationship with them for the following reasons:

ConPile management and staff work with integrity. They are committed to a job that is not just satisfactory, but completed with excellence. Conpile takes pride in a clean and safe work area, and do an excellent job of removing any debris at completion. Darcey and all the employees are very personable, friendly and good humoured. They are trustworthy and we can rest assured knowing that their scope of the job will be completed as per design, and in a timely manner.”

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